The discovery of ESI raises particularly different concerns from traditional discovery of paper documents. The overwhelming amount of data to review has created a burden as well as a risk for law firms. Unlike Paper, computer information is unique in that simply turning a computer on or off can change the characteristic and information it stores.

To Address This Issue…

Sage Document Services Group has built a scalable platform using the most comprehensive, industry-certified software with a robust processing center, capable of handling terabytes of information. We have the ability to process various mail stores and over 500 different electronic file types. Our EDD portfolio allows us the flexibility to deliver on the distinct needs of every project; and our programmers can quickly develop custom solutions for each specific case.

Sage’s Electronic Data Discovery service offering includes:

  • Technical Project Management

  • Media tracking report and Chain of Custody

  • Real Time Reporting

  • File type report (Custodian level or global)

  • Metadata extraction and Full-text extraction

  • De-duplication -Comparing MD5 Hash and SHA-1 Values/Customized email fields (Custodian level or global)

  • Indexing/Searching/Keyword filtering/Date and Custodian filtering

  • Native file review database with hyperlinks

  • TIFF/PDF conversion w/ OCR on image based files

  • High-speed loading and processing using SQL Server database

  • Cross-reference files to track internal bates and production number

During the processing phase, there are various options depending on the e-discovery specifications. The most common are:

  • Full Text Extraction

  • Metadata Extraction

  • Native File Review

  • TIFF or PDF Conversion

  • De-Duplication Processing

    Using algorithms, de-duplication eliminates exact duplicates, providing a culled responsive set of data. Removing these while inserting a “duplicate tag” speeds up the document review process and helps reduce costs. Reports indicate up to 70% of e-mails and electronic documents can be duplicates.

  • Metadata Extraction

    “Data about data.” Metadata is becoming an increasingly important part of electronic discovery. Sage can extract this data and generate 70+ fields thus giving end users information about the characteristics of a document.

  • Full Text Extraction

    Sage can provide full-text extraction for documents locked as static images thus giving fully-searchable documents. The text is indexed, enabling end-users the ability to run detailed filtering to cull the data for review.

  • Data Filtering

    The purpose of data filtering is to assist the end-user in finding that one necessary piece of information. Filtering the data reduces the data set further and eliminates wasted time reviewing irrelevant documents. Filtering options include: custodian, file type, date, keyword (including customized and multi-language) and more.

  • Electronic File Conversion

    Electronic File Conversion occurs after pre-processing (de-duplication and filtering) and is now ready for exporting to your document management solution. This is the process of converting electronic files from their native format to TIFF (or any other format).

If you have any questions regarding our electronic discovery services or if you would like to discuss an upcoming project, please contact us at 212-302-8876 today.